Plot House Demos

by Warm Overdrive

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Acoustic demos.


released March 27, 2014

Recorded at Plot House by Henry Atherton
Art by Kristopher Christian.



all rights reserved


Warm Overdrive Poulsbo, Washington

Love, longing, and the desire to live a life worth living.

Warm Overdrive is Henry Atherton.

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Track Name: Survive
Ring in the new year, I guess. Everything changes, it's already falling apart. Nowadays I always feel so tired. It's driving me crazy, 'cause I feel like I'm wasting my time. Wasting my life. I said "I know this house will change us". By the end of this year, I know I won't be the same. God, that's scary, and i can't decide sometimes if its better to live on or die. Is it better to die? I think I'd rather survive.
Track Name: Sealegs
This is honestly addiction: I've found my place to go. You're arms are where it's safest but what do i have to show? You'd let me know. I'm caught inside your motion like a sailor in a storm. I had the will to let go but you make me so warm. You'd let me know. So it seems that we go back and forth in melody. So it seems that you have found a new way to torment me. You'd let me know.
Track Name: Boomerang
I'm inspired and I'm telling everyone: the past is nothing new. Every action has a reaction. I think I acted too soon. I can't place this feeling of bitter regret and where it comes from. It's time to give it up. If I lived on an island, I'd bridge the gap to you. If I lived in outer space, I'd fall back into you. I'd burn up in the atmosphere, spread my ashes all around you. I'd go out in the brightest flash of light. Burn myself into your eyes as I fall: a lasting moment, so I live forever. I'll live forever?
Track Name: Pretend
I'll stop acting surprised when you ask me to drive. I guess I'll stop assuming that you can go anywhere without drinking. This Winter I've learned a lot about being alone. It don't get much easier. I swear that you're far away, but you're next to me. I said, "Go home." You said, "I'm fine." I won't argue with you anymore. So I'll write myself to oblivion and I'll drink myself off the page. I'll make no snide remarks, and I'll pray for you to change. But do we ever really change? I slide through a porthole, stow away on your sinking ship. The water fills your lungs. I'm afraid we won't make it alive. You give me a reason to abandon ship and leave you to die. But we've come so far. I can't let you go. It'll be my downfall. My heart starts to beat faster and faster. I know you don't feel it too, that's okay. I feel it enough for the both of us. We both know that we can not go it alone. So I guess I'll pretend we're still me and you.
Track Name: Wake
A simple word I had no respect for. Immeasurable hours reel in the wake of you. Sins taking over. I have no control. My fate is my own but i forfeit the will. So we start up another battle of wits which no one should win. We stare toward each other. We fold to one another. If I stopped to think, I'd take back everything I'd said. I'd tell you I loved you more than I could bear. I'd pray you'd believe me and maybe move on from this. But you never listened.