by Warm Overdrive

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Recorded in an afternoon in the kitchen of Plot House using a 4-track.


released October 8, 2014

Guitar/vocals/engineering - Henry Atherton
Artwork by Kristopher Christian, compiled and colored by Henry Atherton.



all rights reserved


Warm Overdrive Poulsbo, Washington

Love, longing, and the desire to live a life worth living.

Warm Overdrive is Henry Atherton.

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Track Name: grasping
I can't place a hand on a feeling of mine, grab as I might I can not pull it away. Ever since I was a boy, I never truly loved but I wanted it to stay. Stayed away, like these flowers in my hand. The symbol dies and colors start to fade. Fade to grey, I am haunted by the memories: celluloid film of all my past mistakes. Three years later, I can't help but feel the same: some things, I've found, they never ever change. This whiskey drink won't help us much, these walls too high to climb. I push against, my hands, they start to bleed. Bleed out, like venom in a wound: I'll cut my hands till all the poison's gone, gone to hell. I can't let myself become the wolf that's always knocking on your door. The wreck that's set to blow your home away. I wish I had the guts to stop and say, "I always loved you," anyway...
Track Name: nothing
I'll rest my eyes a minute on this bus ride up from our old stomping grounds. Wild nights filled with reckless mistakes, ruled by drugs that wore off three hours ago. I can't figure out why I chose to escape. Running away from life, trying to hide from time. But it just ticks on and on, I am powerless before that which has no meaning but rules my whole world. I am dying for a taste of freedom's warm embrace. I can't help but think the Earth is young and I don't know a thing. My head is full of worry, that maybe I've drowned in what we've lost. 'Cause if time governs everything and nothing really matters, what am I doing here? What is this all about? I am dying for a taste of freedoms warm embrace. I don't have what it takes, so I'll try my best to never miss a thing. Nothing, not miss a single thing.
Track Name: fine
Waking up every morning is becoming such a chore. The restlessness grows more and more every time you slam the door. I can't it any more than you could. I backing up these stairs like my life is in reverse. Could it be a dream that's taken a hold of me? I see your face, stark white shadowed in the back of the room. Coffee-stained teeth grinning back at me... I release a scream: "I'm fine, I'm fine,"
Scream it loud and you will mean it, say it enough and you'll believe it. Even if it just gets you by, it's worth a try.
"I'm fine, I'm fine!"
Track Name: coastlines
Springtime only comes for us once a year in May. Winter showers and a summer mountain view, each year we play it stays. Your hair flutters in the light sea breeze, blowing south down the coast. Evening light reflects in your eyes. I awaken from this dream. I hate staring at this church everyday, I want it to burn down. I really hate this life we've built, and I want it to end. I'll draw close the curtains, I'll shutter the blinds. Bathe myself in darkness and pray for an escape. Your breathing makes me feel kinda safe but also kinda want to scream, but I know your visions better than mine, and they make me at peace.
Track Name: sleeping
I guess I'll never make my mind up. I'll be guilty as charged in acknowledging this burden I share. A call for inaction within, my better self is losing again. Your phone call echos through my head. A phantom tone corrects my stare, and brings me back to then. When make we could be okay, pretend that we were worth it. You snuck into my room. We held eachother tight, all through the night to make a memory worth remembering. I hold you close as I make the most of this chance to bear my regrets no more. By the morning you had gone away. An innocence, a love, you took with you. Had i had the guts to make you stay... But I can't correct the flaws that got in the way. You snuck into my room. We held eachother tight, all through the night to make a memory worth remembering. I hold you close as I make the most of this chance to bear my regrets no more.